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Sacred Heart Match Update & more…

Posted on Jun 7, 2018 by

From the March/April 2018 e-Newsletter:

Sacred Heart Match UPDATE

We are making great progress in meeting our match challenge from the William J. and Barbara A. Schmidt Family Foundation. To date we have collected over $30,000 toward the $50,000 match.
By sending your donation in to the match grant challenge for the 1312 S. Monroe Program on the Sacred Heart Campus, your donation is increased dollar for dollar effectively doubling your heartfelt contribution. Your generosity makes changing the lives of our community members possible. Please send your matching gift to COTS, Inc., 819 S. West Ave, Appleton, WI 54915, with memo line: “Sacred Heart Match”. Or, go to the button located below and select Donate Now.
Thank you for opening your kind hearts to help us make a difference in our residents lives!

   A Note of Appreciation

All of us at COTS send a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved with 91.9 FM The Family’s Help for the Homeless drive for their generosity with items donated to COTS. We appreciate the hard work, organization, and dedication of Heidi Prahl, who kept us informed and on-track with all aspects of the drive. The Family’s Help for the Homeless Drive is an essential gift to our Fox Valley communities and to those who strive to help the most vulnerable among us. Thank you!

Let the Planting Begin!

Even with the recent record-breaking snowfall, we have faith that Mother Nature has Spring ready for us just around the corner.  With our ever-present Wisconsin optimism, we are getting the Hoophouse ready with plantings and starter seeds.

This year we plan to grow many healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables: onions, tomatoes, peppers, basil, watermelon, and cantaloupe.

The Hoophouse provides all of COTS residents with an opportunity to participate in planting and harvesting their own nutritious food. It extends the concept of finding dignity in hard work and reaping the rewards of your labor.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures as the Hoophouse project progresses.