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Ending Homelessness in the Fox Valley

Positive Placement

Our Positive Placement Program is a critical component to achieving our mission of “Ending Homelessness in the Fox Valley.” Once residents move out of our transitional living facilities, the true test of independent living begins.

COTS Positive Placement (aftercare) Program is designed to prevent another incident of homelessness for each resident at COTS. We focus on four areas key to leaving homelessness for good: stable housing, employment/education, pro-social connections, and well-being (physical, dental, and behavioral). This is essential to providing a holistic program for everyone.

Comprehensive safety/exit planning ensures smooth transition and stability for residents prior to leaving COTS. For three years, regular home visits and periodic check-ins are provided for case management, assistance, and ongoing barrier removal. COTS’ Positive Placement approach ensures former residents maintain independence and self-sufficiency.

On average, 93% or more of former residents in our Positive Placement Program maintain safe, stable, and independent housing—which is the ultimate goal of all COTS programming. Positive Placement also benefits the community as a whole by reducing homeless recidivism. Residents leaving COTS pass on lessons learned to their children, preventing a future generation of individuals from experiencing homelessness.

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