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Others Before Self

Posted on Jul 30, 2021 by

Recently COTS received an unexpected donation in the mail, with a letter of explanation enclosed. The letter explained that the donation came from a graduating student, who won an award, and chose to donate the award to COTS. Thankfully, our attempts to reach the student were successful, but what came next was surprising.

The individual, Liana, called us with her mother. We were shocked to hear that Liana was in fact, an 8th grade graduate who would be rising into high school this fall. Her kindness truly touched our hearts.

“We feel a special pull towards COTS,” they explained, because of our Positive Placement Aftercare Program. COTS Aftercare supports individuals who positively discharge from COTS for three years. “I think the follow-up when [residents] leave COTS is so important,” said Liana.

Liana received an award at her 8th grade graduation as a student who excels at putting others before self. We are so grateful that she chose to donate her award to COTS. You’re already doing great things in your community – Good luck this fall, Liana!

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