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A Second Chance

Posted on Oct 27, 2016 by

43-year-old Evan came to COTS in May of 2016. He applied at COTS thinking it would be temporary, since he had some money saved up from previous employment. However, once connected with Partnership Community Health Center’s satellite clinic at COTS, Evan found out that he had a heart murmur and was referred to other doctors to receive the care he needed.

He was given a second chance through the COTS program and reports that he is now “a totally different person…it isn’t all just about you.” He now goes out of his way to help other residents staying at COTS, and he is learning what it means to have responsibility.

Evan remains hopeful, stating that COTS is “trying to help [him] find a job and stabilize [his] medical issues.” He is currently participating in Riverview Gardens’ transitional employment program and is happy to report that his health is improving.

Moving forward, Evan states that he “plan[s] on doing a soul search,” as he hopes to find a stable job that will allow him to be independent. “If you’re willing to change your life, COTS is a good place to come to. [COTS is] very willing to help you better yourself.”