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Meal Minister Cooks up Fun

Posted on Jun 30, 2016 by

Pernilla Werninger has been a Meal Minister for COTS for around two years. She heard about COTS after running into a neighbor who was a Meal Minister. Being a Meal Minister appeals to her because she is able to “do something nice for someone who is struggling…I’m in culinary school and have a passion for cooking, so I thought what could be a better way to help?”

In addition, the opportunity allows her to work with her son to give him the experience of giving back.

Pernilla recently felt an extra bond to her Meal Ministry experience when she learned about a COTS resident who is also a Culinary Arts student at Fox Valley Technical College. “I thought that was really cool,” she says.

What would she say to others who are interested in becoming a Meal Minister? “It’s literally two meals out of the year. It’s fun. It’s so easy to give back.”

Interested in learning more about our Meal Ministry Program? Contact Lindsey at(920) 734-3609 ext. 404 or