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Driven to Succeed

Posted on Sep 21, 2017 by
Phil didn’t have a job, a car or driver’s license, and living on the street was the next step. “I didn’t care about bills or anything. It was a downward spiral.” Fortunately, his caseworker at the Veterans Assistance Foundation recognized Phil as good fit for COTS.
At first, changing his mindset was a challenge for Phil, and he struggled with even routine daily tasks. With encouragement from staff, it didn’t take long for Phil to throw himself into whatever needed to be done, whether that be mowing the lawn or whipping up a delicious dish for our Community Dinners. He truly became a part of the COTS community. He shares, “I appreciate things more, and I’ve got help accomplishing my goals.”

Phil found a job, and while completing Rent Basics and Financial Peace University, he’s started paying off debts. Recently he got his driver’s license back, and in November he’ll celebrate a year of sobriety. “COTS got me this far by keeping me busy, the staff helps with everything, so I don’t have much idle time. Here I get to socialize more. I’m not a hermit. Getting up and doing something, like my chore every morning, makes me feel normal, like a regular person.” Thanks to his budgeting, he purchased his own vehicle last week. Phil is taking full advantage of his opportunity for a second chance.