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Ending Homelessness in the Fox Valley

“A Positive Group of People”

Posted on Aug 23, 2017 by
Imagine graduating from high school, turning 18, and suddenly finding yourself without a home, with no family to turn to, no friends you can count on. This is the experience of many of our residents, in particular our young adults. They are suddenly forced to navigate adulthood on their own, without any support, guidance, or safety net.
Helping residents form permanent social connections and healthy relationships is an essential part of our mission.  For four of our young adult residents, affectionately nicknamed the “Fab 4,” COTS has given them the opportunity to form true friendships with their fellow residents.
The four young adults, all ages 18-25, came to COTS with few social connections, little family support, limited post-secondary education, and limited work experience. We connected all 4 with ServiceWorks™ at Riverview Gardens™ so that they can learn transferable job skills in a no-fail environment.  After work, they spend their time playing basketball at COTS, going to the YMCA (which provides them with complimentary memberships), working in the hoop house at COTS, and playing card games.“I’m a very outgoing person, so it feels really good to have some people in my age group to hang with,” says Joey*, one of the “Fab 4.” “They’re a positive group of people, people that don’t use [drugs and alcohol] and don’t peer pressure me into doing stuff I don’t want to do.” These meaningful friendships are a key part of the healing process, and a critical part of becoming a self-sufficient adult.