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Investing in Faith

Posted on Mar 29, 2017 by

Speaking with Rory is a delight. It’s easy to see him as a natural leader and secure confidant. However, this wasn’t always the case.

Before COTS Rory describes a different life. “I lived off negativity. I was in between jobs a lot and drinking was a priority.”  A near death experience, an arrest and mounting debt made him realize his life was spiraling out of control.  At that fateful moment a counselor suggested COTS.

With the guidance and structure COTS has offered through programs like the Financial Peace University Rory has paid off 5 debts in 4 months and been sober for 16 months. These phenomenal achievements don’t go to Rory’s head though, “I’ve learned to humble myself …life isn’t about me.” Having strengthened his faith, Rory is able to spread his patience and success to others in the COTS community. He’s become an Accountability Partner for a young adult in Celebrate Recovery (a faith centered recovery group), assisted other residents find work and strives to show others he’s a person they can come to.

“Being able to teach what I’ve learned means I really learned it…you guide without telling, lead without being a boss.” Rory embodies the changes he has made at COTS and found it’s more important to “just be real and not worry what other people think. Worry stops us from doing what God wants us to do.” Rory’s next goal is to “snowball” his last remaining debt and build upon the new financial security he’s found. And still, he shows no ego. “I didn’t change my life, God did.”