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Finding Success

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 by

Written by a former COTS resident who is currently in our Aftercare Program

I was incredibly deep in heroin addiction. After starting drug court, I was ordered to have a drug and alcohol assessment. After my assessment was completed, the judge and my Probation Agent decided I could move into COTS.

While at COTS, I feel I really got my life in order. I learned that as long as I make better choices, and am able to ask others for help instead of thinking I had to figure everything out on my own, I could be successful. I learned to be reliable, responsible, honest, and live a life without drugs.

I remember having so many goals when I went from jail to COTS. I wanted to be clean, happy, healthy, work full time, get through my treatment programs, re-gain full placement of my son, and of course move out of COTS so I could have my son with me full time.

It took about 9 months of my staying at COTS to complete these goals. I have now been free from active addiction for 16 months. I accepted a full time receptionist job through the temp agency. After working 4 months as a “temp” I was hired on with the company. I moved out of COTS and into a duplex in September. I am scheduled to graduate Drug Court in December. 

I have worked incredibly hard to prove to myself and others that I can remain clean and sober, and because of that, my son was returned to me full time as of November 10. Right now, my life consists of work and being a Mom. I would not have it any other way.