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Ending Homelessness in the Fox Valley

91.9 The Family’s Help for the Homeless Hygiene Drive, Feb. 21-March 13

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91.9/91.5 The Family’s ” Help for the Homeless” hygiene drive is will be collecting new personal care and cleaning products for area crisis agencies…including ours…. so that we can dedicate our limited financial resources to providing qualified personnel, safe housing, nutritious food, and living skills to those we serve. The goal of Help for the Homeless is to provide a year’s worth of supplies to each agency. Donations will remain here in the Fox Valley!

The following words were spoken by a resident in response to last year’s Help for the Homeless drive:

“I’m grateful [to be provided with] paper towels and needless to say, toilet paper. I’m so grateful for even hand soap. Before, I didn’t have extra money. I can now afford to buy other things like gas and take a Revit class for architectural design. I have wanted to take this class for four years. I’m so excited about it because I will be more marketable in my field!”

Families (or people) come to COTS who have had to share a toothbrush, gone without soap for their faces, hands, and hair, and some working parents in tight times who are washing and reusing their baby’s disposable diapers at home in order to have enough unused diapers to send with their child to day care – children are not admitted to daycare unless parents supply new disposable diapers.

Thanks to hundreds of local churches, businesses, and schools for joining together to collect for the drive! Please donate generously at church, work or school, or at any area Festival Foods Stores, Shopko, or Walgreens from Feb. 21 – March 13 and help us help our neighbors in need right here in the Fox Valley. Thank you!

PS: People who have access to WIC or Food Share (Food Stamps) cannot use these programs to obtain any hygiene items or diapers. These are expensive items for non-profit organizations like ours to purchase.

More at or call their studios at 800-236-9364

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