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A Brief Glimpse at the COTS Aftercare Coordinator

Posted on Apr 29, 2015 by
Written by John Polakowski

As COTS’ Aftercare Coordinator, my activities and duties vary from one day to the next and tend to keep me very busy.  Thus a typical day includes interaction with current and former residents.  I do enjoy making contact and keeping in touch with clients in the Aftercare Program.  Many of them continue to call or visit me after reaching their two-year limit for aftercare services.

One of the women whom I see on a regular basis still comes to our monthly community dinners even though she has been living on her own for almost three years.  Not long ago, Mary called me to request a visit because of a recent surgery.  When I went to her well-kept apartment, she brought me up-to-date about her recovery and the progress she has made dealing with abuse issues.

Mary sees a therapist each week and has been able to use techniques that she learned in sessions to overcome post-traumatic stress.  I complimented her for the growth that I have witnessed in her for the past couple years.  She was very happy to see me because she has been unable to drive since her surgery and misses her involvements in volunteer programs and the people she interacts with there.  I offered to bring one of our interns who would like to accompany me on some home visits.  Mary quickly agreed to arrange a visit the following morning.

She is always so proud to give visitors a tour of her apartment complex and explain the amenities that are available to her.  I left with a sense of gratitude and smile when I think about Mary’s success.