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An Opportunity to Grow

Posted on Jan 5, 2015 by

Resha was a typical college student who, in her own words, “wasn’t great at budgeting.” She graduated without having a job lined up or a concrete plan, and moved in with a friend. After a series of financial missteps, she found herself with a lease that was almost up, a newborn son, and no place to go.

Fortunately, someone at her church told her about COTS’ Single Mothers with Young Children program. The Single Mothers with Young Children program focuses on the specific needs of single mothers with children under the age of 12. COTS can serve two families at a time. Resha was accepted into the program the week her lease was up.

Building up Savings

“There was a lot of support there, a lot of opportunity to grow,” says Resha of her time at COTS. While at COTS, Resha soaked up what she learned through Financial Peace University, a budgeting course, so that she didn’t repeat her past financial mistakes. She paid off all $4,200 of her debt other than student loans and saved up enough money to purchase her own car with cash. She built up a savings which she was able to use for the downpayment on her apartment.

She also enjoyed that she was able to stay in a duplex with her son; “You get to feel what it’s like to be responsible for a house and a kid.” At the same time, she enjoyed being able to socialize during dinner time with the women next door in the Women’s Program.

Resha stayed at COTS with her son for the full two years, and now continues to stay involved through our Aftercare Program. She has worked full-time since being at COTS, and recently started a new job with higher pay and benefits. She is proud to show off her lovely two-bedroom apartment complete with a Christmas tree.

“There’s Always a Solution”

“When I first came to COTS I worried about being a burden–letting my son down, letting myself down. Needing to breathe. Finding that ladder out of the ditch. COTS made sure I didn’t have a reason to feel hopeless. There’s always a solution,” she states as she puts the finishing touches on dinner for her now two-year-old son.

“Things are good right now…For the first time, I’m not stressed about money. I’m actually prepared if a hiccup were to arrive.”