Campus of Change

Ending Homelessness in the Fox Valley



COTS Founded

by the late Father Orville Janssen to assist single men


Single Mothers with Young Children Program

added for these moms, addressing ongoing issues of unemployment and instability for their children. Most of the mothers in our program are referred to COTS from local domestic abuse havens.


Veterans Program

Focus is on meeting needs of local veterans. This program houses our veterans in the same building as our young adults, providing an environment in which to heal as well as more intensive case management. This creates an “each one, teach one” with fellow veterans and provides opportunities to lead with youth.


Expanded Health Clinic & Aftercare Program

Health Clinic now offers behavioral health and AODA Counseling, Aftercare Program expanded to 3 years to support residents who leave COTS successfully. We now provide “next step” transition for residents who succeed in the basic program, yet still face multiple barriers to housing.


Single Women’s Program Added


Young Adult’s Program

created to reach youth again out of foster care and other juvenile systems who are experiencing homelessness. COTS is the only shelter in the area with a directed program for young adults. This program for young adults ages 18-24 focuses on appropriate role modeling, personal accountability, and leadership development.


Launched Onsite Health Clinic 

in collaboration with Partnership Community Health Center




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